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Phần mềm chạy hiện điều hành windows | Kiểu phần mềm Windows

Phần mềm gửi email marketing thông qua gmail.

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Why don't use Gmails to Bulk or Send Email Marketing?

Gmail is very familiar to everyone, Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world.

Gmail is a reputable email service, the inbox rate is very high in Gmail.

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

Google provides FREE Gmail. Everyone can sign up for one or more different Gmail accounts.

So why not use gmail to bulk email or send email marketing to many customers?

Gmail Marketing Software

Gmail Marketing software is a tool to help you send bulk emails automatically to your email client list.

There are two methods of sending in the software:

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

1. Send email using Google's Gmail API: you need to request permission sending email from many Gmails like use gmail in the Mail Software on the Windows store.
2. Send email using auto-browser (Google Chrome): Fully automatic emulators for a user to send email on the Google Chrome browser. You need to declare the login information (gmail + password) for the first run, then the software will save as a Google Chrome Profile.

Moreover, the software has professional features like other email marketing software.

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

- Mail merge
- Spin content
- Send Bcc and Cc
- Set delay between two times seding
- Import from excel, sql data, featured file, text, any document contains emails...
- Compose email with integrated editor or more power editor - iClick Editor
-  ...

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

Declare multiple gmails to send large amounts.

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

You can try software on 3 days. Fully use the license with $5/month or 23$/6 months or $45/year.

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

The software is simple, easy to use, you can download and try now...

Link download: https://seoiclick.com/Download/GmailMarketing_setup.exe 
(~13 MB, .NET 4.5 , Only for Windows).

Contact me(iClick):

Bulk Gmail Marketing iClick

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iclick-seo-2701b4b1
- Skype: ngohoangminh90
- Email: minhiclick@gmail.com

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